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Lamborghini Miura P400 SV 1971 / PoloStorico

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Renault 8 Gordini R1134

A genuine RHD Renault 8 Gordini R1134 with racing pedigree

Reinforced seam welded Gordini R8 body, GRP Group 2 wings, front number plate cooling conversion, rear LED wet weather light, front and rear tow hooks, Safety Devices roll cage, Sparco Pro2000 race seat, Sabelt harnesses, side protection bars, Elliot Design electronic tachometer, FIA battery master switch, electric cooling fan with manual override and LED ‘on’ light, plumbed in fire extinguisher system, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge X2, Motolita steering wheel.

This very rare and immaculate car is well known in Classic Renault circles and is finished in the only colour available for the R8 Gordini, Bleu de France, (Code 418). Acquired by respected R8 guru, Steve Swan in 2001 this genuine Gordini was fully restored in 2002 with photos revealing the incredible attention to detail. Such is the quality of this example and the subsequent development work that it is used as a platform by which others attempt to mimic. Structural integrity and weight saving measures are displayed throughout every inch of this car without detracting from the original R8 Gordini design. Epic and immense fun. 

Being suitable for a range of competition events from reliability trials to hillclimbs the cockpit of this successful machine is focused completely on the driver. Race proven technology in the form of seating, safety, controls and gauges all make reassuring assertions that should the pilote wish, driving at speed and on the limit will be rewarding rather than daring. The factory Renault Gordini seating has been retained and fully upholstered to original specification should a more passenger friendly environment be required. Even unique Gordini items such as the passenger grab handle have been kept. Previous MSA scrutineer pass cards are a testament to the quality of workmanship. Utterly exhilarating.

The Cleon based full race spec engine has a displacement of 1550cc and was dyno tested by Agra in Dundee producing 169bhp at 7500rpm. A brief outline of the engine specification: Tufftrided shot peened balanced crank, lightened and balanced Cat Cam, Arrows steel Followers, forged pistons, steel liners, Salv Sacco big valve head and manifold, Twin Weber 45 DCOE with Lumenition ignition, pressurised engine pre-lube system. This vehicle is fitted with Steve Swan’s own Big Box 16TX CWP Big Box conversion featuring close ratio 365 gears which have been Tufftrided. 4th gear runs on needle rollers for continuous high speed operation. An internal gearstick bracket copied from works cars can be adjusted so that on certain events when fifth gear is not needed it prevents the driver getting top gear by accident in the heat of battle. An uprated Sachs Group 2 clutch is fitted and a Quaife ATB differential and competition type solid centre universal joints.

Mad’in Modele 1C Renault Alpine Wheels 6X13 are unmarked with a mirror polished edge and are shod in Yokohama Advan AO48 185/60 R13 rear and 175/60/R13 front tyres. Powerful 254mm vented discs front and rear with AP Racing brake proportioning valve fully adjustable and aeroquipped front to rear. Fully adjustable front and rear suspension with Koni and Leda dampers. The front anti roll bar and rear Z bar is adjustable with 2.5” coil spring conversion plates with both cross members reinforced to Gordini specification. 

This Renault 8 Gordini was registered new on 22nd May 1965 by Renault Main Dealers, Harrowside Motors of Blackpool. Used by the Managing Director until Mr John Woodward Clarke purchased the car from them on the 14th September 1966. The accompanying invoice reveals the details of the vehicle and the total purchase price being £700. The buff green card log book combined with every subsequent V5 issued reveals the total number of owners being just five including the Dealer. Correspondence between Mr Clarkes son and the third owner, Mr Paul Fraser Sage, reveals a fascinating history of care and devotion until relinquishing ownership in 1989. The current long term custodian since 2001, Mr Steven Swan, is highly respected in the Classic Renault Owners Club and is responsible for this amazing R1134 transformation with noteworthy success in circuit racing, sprints and hillclimbs with the added benefit of being completely road legal too! Footage of the car Knockhill Racing Circuit can be seen here: https://youtu.be/qknU71E4Yms and at Forrestburn Hillclimb here: https://youtu.be/cGt6ow10hnw An immense history file reveals the colossal spend in creating one of the most sought after R8 Gordinis and now available on the open market for a very lucky individual.

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Ferrari 365 2+2 1968

 Jorge Nicolini is the proprietor of Museo de Autos Antiguos Colección Nicolini, Lima Peru’s only classic car museum. His 365 2+2 GT is a tremendous sight to see in a town like Lima, so when we had the chance to tell his story alongside the story of that car we had to jump at it. It is our pleasure to share this film, alongside with his first hand telling of his story below. 

Well, this is a passion. Really, I have this passion. I have had it since I was a boy, since I was young. So for me, what I like is to buy a car that is in bad condition and be able to restore it, to bring it back to life and to be able to use it, to drive it, to travel in it.

My name is Jorge Nicolini, and I am the owner of the Automobile Museum here in Peru.

The Ferrari that I have is from the year 1968. It’s a V12, a 365 2+2 GT. It belonged to Mr. Bertolero. He bought it new from Italy. He brought it to Peru in the year 1968. It was a car that was made for family use. It was for 4 people. It was a sports car with 12 cylinders, but a family car. I mean, it had all the pretense of a sports car. 800 of these models were made.

Well I have liked cars since I was a child. I have followed the car races in Peru since childhood. As a child I was given a pedal car with inflatable tires, an English car, an Austin. You could open the hood and see 3 spark plugs.

For me, that car was the best. But my family, my dad and my uncle they were reps for Packard and Mack trucks in Peru. So, as a young boy I was always going to the shops, looking at the new cars, the new Packards.

I would get in them, and get in the trucks. So I started a long lived passion for cars. But I have also been a cart racer. I have been the Pan-American Champion here in Peru. I have raced in Chile, I have raced in Argentina I have raced in all of South America.

I have even raced in the United States. I went to the last Italian Championship, but unfortunately because of a problem in my ribs I could not race.

That is my story about cars. The difference was, when I started, I started by chance. Why?

Because I was going to get my racing kart in Argentina Avenue in Lima, where our factory was. And I saw an old car pass by that was a private taxi. And the car was in good conditions with the thin wooden wheels, canvas top.

And it caught my attention. So I saw it for 3 days in a row, the third day and I said “no this guy is abusing the car.”

So I went and grabbed my car and caught up to him. And I told him, “are you selling it?” He told me yes. But at that time I was 18 years old. Well, I did not have the money to buy it.

So then I went to my dad and I said “Dad, lend me the money to…” He told me no. So I went to my mom and I begged, I begged and I begged and she gave me the money.

So that is how I got my first car, a 1925 Lincoln. Later I painted it as I could, I did an amateur restoration. There was an exhibition at the Pacific Fair where they lined up cars.
There I saw a Ford Model T that someone had bought, who is now my friend. It was a young guy, a little older than me, but there we became friends. And I told him “sell it to me, sell it to me.”

No. He did not want to sell it to me.

So then I went out to look for a Ford T here in Peru. With some luck I got a Ford T in the mountains, from the Andes. It was in near perfect condition. I bought it. I restored it.

Ford in 1965 had a contest looking for the oldest, and best preserved Ford. And I won it with that Ford T. I won a car, Ford Taunus, a ’65, brand new.

So then what I did with that car was, since I already had a Mustang Shelby, which my Dad had given to me, I sold it.

And with that money I bought 10 old cars. And that is how my car hobby started. So then we reached an agreement. My process is that I choose a car that I am going to† restore and I study it. I look if it’s complete, if it is not, I have to look for the missing parts. Via the internet, buy new replacement parts, and when I have almost everything ready, or have it all planned out, I start to disassemble it. I take pictures, save parts in a bag, and start the restoration.

Right in the year 2002 I opened the museum. And these cars, I’ve had them stored for a long time because the conditions of the country did not allow me to open this museum. So, in the year 2002 I wanted to show the Peruvians and the foreigners the cars that were in Peru, the cars that were around in Peru. How people lived in Peru in the 20s, teens, 1905, 40s, 50s, to which Peruvian families these cars belonged to. I have all the stories of these cars, who they belonged to in that time.

That is what I want to relay. A history of Peru throughout the cars. And that is what I have done. Definitively since I opened the museum the antique car scene has increased.
And they got inspired, and the guy who had his dad’s car stored, he got it out, restored it and put it to use. Effectively, yes, I have inspired them.

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McLaren 675 LT : LAP TIME on Magny-Cours GP

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 “Z07” : LAP TIME on Magny-Cours GP

Porsche 718 Cayman S : LAP TIME on Magny-Cours GP

Trabant, Trabi with Motorbike engine swap at Hillclimb Gurnigel 2016

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Dominick's European Car Repair Is A Living Legacy

   Dominick European Car Repair is the cornerstone of the New York Classic Community. Since Dominico Spadro, a Sicilian immigrant, opened its doors "back in the days when these exotic vintage cars were just cars" (1961) they have been helping Petrolistas across the North East keep their classics on the road. In addition they've built a worldwide following for their world class campaign support on rallies like The Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Colorado Grand and more. They are, without questions, legends of the classic world.

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Ferrari 488 GTB Nordschleife 7:21,63 min HOT LAP & Hockenheim Supertest sport auto

Onboard sport auto-Testredakteur Christian Gebhardt im Ferrari 488 GTB auf der Nordschleife (Rundenzeit: 7.21,63 min gerundet 7.22 min) und auf dem Kleinen Kurs Hockenheim (Rundenzeit: 1.07,0 min). Den Supertest lesen Sie in sport auto 12/2016

Mercedes-AMG GT R 7.10,92 min Nordschleife HOT LAP

  Car: Mercedes-AMG GT R; Driver: sport auto's Test Driver Christian Gebhardt; Track: Nordschleife; Laptime: 7.10,92 min (rounded up: 7.11 min); Tyre: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2; World's exclusive first test Mercedes-AMG GT R: More in sport auto 1/2017